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Upcoming Seminars

The talks will be held at 2 pm in room TC318





June 22nd
Underpotential Deposition of Nickel on Ir(111) single crystal: Synthesis, Structure and Oxygen Evolution Reaction Activity/Ebru Özer

April 20th
NiFe-LDH for water & seawater splitting/Fabio Dionigi

April 13th
Fujitsu: Software for computational chemistry/Webinar

March 30th
Synthesis and Characterization of Electrochemical Deposited Co–Oxide–Catalyst for Electrochemical Water Splitting/Elizabeth Hornberger

March 16th
Crystal structure studies of mesoporous Fe-oxides/Katrin Schulz

February 24th
Electrochemical Water Splitting reaction Dynamics Investigated over Mixed Ni-Fe oxides/Mikaela Görlin

February 10th
Stability of PEMFC's MEA and applied procedures of material analysis - emphasis on degradation due to potential cycling/Carsten Palkowski

January 20th
Transport analysis and understanding the influence of active site density on NPMC cathode performance/Prof. Shawn Litster

January 6th
On the Catalytically Active State and Structure-Activity Correlations of 3d
Transition Metal Oxide Catalysts for Electrochemical Water Splitting/Arno Bergmann


December 2nd
Non-Noble metal oxides and Iron nitrogen doped carbon as bifunctional catalysts for the oxygen electrode in reversible electrolyzers/Sören Dresp

November 18th
Synthesis Concepts for Noble Metal containing Ordered Mesoporous Carbon Coatings/Denis Bernsmeier

October 28th
Structure‐Activity‐Stability and In‐Situ Raman Spectroscopic Studies of Oxygen
Evolution Catalysts in Acidic Environment/Tobias Reier

October 21st
Synthesis and Characterization of Core‐Shell Metal Oxide Nanoparticles for Efficient
Electrochemical Water Splitting/Nhan Hong

October 7th
SUNCAT Summer School presentation/Vera Beermann, Henrike Schmies, Mikaela Görlin

September 30th
Application of ATO as a catalyst support/Hyung Suk Oh

September 9th
Summer School presentation/Luo Fang

August 17th
Non noble metal active site quantification/Luo Fang

July 29th
Catalytic study for CO2 reduction/Wen Ju

July 22nd
Novel battery studies/Toshinari Koketsu

July 15th
pH-induced formation of crystallites under application of OER potential addressed in carbon supported Ni-Fe (oxo)hydroxides/Mikaela Görlin

July 1st
The Influence of pore system on the performance of Mn/Na/W/SiO2-type catalysts in the oxidative coupling of methane/Huan Wang

June 24th
Non-Precious Metal oxide Nanoparticles as Model-Catalyst for Investigation of Composition, Structure - Activity relations during OER/ Manuel Gliech

June 17th
Mesoporous OER catalysts based on Iridium / Titania: influence of the precursor on phase composition and performance/Michael Bernicke

June 10th
Formic Acid Decomposition over PD-based Nanocatalysts/Jiang Kun  (guest speaker: Fudan University, China)

May 27th
Oxidative Coupling of Methane using molten salts/Roman Schmack

May 20th
Evaluation and response time on DEMS instruments/Jorge Auroja



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