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NG Kraehnert

      Publikationen:    89

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Liste der Publikationen
A meta-analysis approach to catalysis: Property-performance relationships identified from literature data for the oxidative coupling of methane
R. Schmack, A. Friedrich, E. Kondratenko, J. Polte, A. Werwatz, R. Kraehnert Nature Communications 2019, 10:441

From a Molecular [RhMn] Single-Source Precursor to a Selective High-Performance Catalyst for the Conversion of Syngas to Ethanol
P. Preikschas, J. Bauer, X. Huang, S. Yao, R. Naumann d’Alnoncourt, R. Kraehnert, A. Trunschke, F. Rosowski, M. Driess
ChemCatChem 11(2), 2019, 885-892
Oxygen Evolution Catalysts Based on Ir–Ti Mixed Oxides with Templated Mesopore Structure: Impact of Ir on Activity and Conductivity
D. Bernsmeier, M. Bernicke, R. Schmack, R. Sachse, B. Paul, A. Bergmann, P. Strasser, E. Ortel, R. Kraehnert
ChemSusChem 2018, 11, 2367
Crystallisation behaviour of CH3NH3PbI3 films: The benefits of sub-second flash lamp annealing
R.Muydinov, S.Seeger, S. H. Bharath, V. Kumara, C. Klimm, R. Kraehnert, M. R.Wagner, B.Szyszka
Thin Solid Films 653, 2018, 204-214
Stabilization of Mesoporous Iron-Oxide Films against Sintering and Phase Transformations via Atomic Layer Deposition of Alumina and Silica
K. Kraffert, M. Karg, R. Schmack, G. Clavel, C. Boissiere, T. Wirth, N. Pinna, R. Kraehnert
Adv. Mater. Interfaces 2018, 1800360

Polyformamidine-Derived Non-Noble Metal Electrocatalysts for Efficient Oxygen Reduction Reaction
L. Pardo, N. Ranjbar Sahraie, J. Melke, P. Elsässer, D. Teschner, X. Huang, R. Kraehnert, R. J. White, S. Enthaler, P. Strasser, A. Fischer
Adv. Funct. Mater. 2018, 1707551  

Efficient electrochemical hydrogen peroxide production from molecular oxygen on nitrogen-doped mesoporous carbon catalysts
Y. Sun, I. Sinev, W. Ju, A. Bergmann, S. Dresp, S. Kühl, C. Spöri, H. Schmies, H. Wang, D. Bernsmeier, B. Paul, R. Schmack, R. Kraehnert, B. R. Cuenya, P. Strasser
ACS Catal., 8 (4), 2018, 2844–2856

Nanocasting of Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide Films with Ordered Mesoporosity
K. Kraffert, .A Kabelitz, K. Siemensmeyer, R. Schmack, D. Bernsmeier, F. Emmerling, R. Kraehnert
Adv. Mater. Interfaces 5, 2018, 1700960

F. Kettemann, S. Witte, A. Birnbaum, B. Paul, G. Clavel, N. Pinna , K. Rademann , R. Kraehnert,  J. Polte
Unifying Concepts in Room-Temperature CO Oxidation with Gold Catalyst
ACS Catal. (7), 2017, 8247–825
R. Seidel, K. Kraffert, A. Kabelitz, M. N. Pohl, R. Kraehnert, F. Emmerling and B. Winter
Detection of the electronic structure of iron-III-oxo oligomers forming in aqueous solutions
Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. (19), 2017, 32226-32234
D. Bernsmeier, M. Bernicke, E. Ortel, R. Schmack, J. Polte, R. Kraehnert
Soft-templated Mesoporous RuPt/C coatings with enhanced activity in the hydrogen evolution reaction
J. Catal. (355), 2017, 110-119
H. Wang, R. Schmack, B. Paul, M. Albrecht, S. Sokolov, S. Rümmler, E. Kondratenko, R. Kraehnert
Porous silicon carbide as a support for Mn/Na/W catalyst in the oxidative coupling of methane
Appl. Catal., A (537), 2017, 33–39
K. Schulz, R. Schmack, H.W. Klemm, A. Kabelitz, T. Schmidt, F. Emmerling, R. Kraehnert
Mechanism and kinetics of hematite crystallization in air: Linking bulk and surface
models via mesoporous films with defined nanostructure
Chem. Mater., 2017, 29 (4), 1724–1734
K. F. Kalz, R. Kraehnert, M. Dvoyashkin, R. Dittmeyer, R. Gläser, U. Krewer, K. Reuter, J.-D. Grunwaldt
Future’s Challenge in Heterogeneous Catalysis:
Understanding Catalysts under Dynamic Reaction Conditions
ChemCatChem 9(1), 2017, 17-29
D. Bernsmeier, M. Bernicke, E. Ortel, A. Bergmann, A. Lippitz, J. Nissen, R. Schmack, P. Strasser, J. Polte, R. Kraehnert
Nafion-Free Carbon-Supported Electrocatalysts
with Superior Hydrogen Evolution Reaction Performance by Soft Templating
ChemElectroChem 4, 2017, 221-229
D.M. Rosu, E. Ortel, V.D. Hodoroaba, R. Kraehnert, A. Hertwig
Ellipsometric Porosimetry on Pore-Controlled TiO2 layers
Appl. Surf. Sci. 421, B, 2017, 487-493
D. Bernsmeier, L. Chenchom, B. Paul, S. Rümmler, B. Smarsly, R. Kraehnert
Highly active binder-free catalytic coatings for
heterogeneous and electro catalysis: Pd on
mesoporous carbon and its application in
butadiene hydrogenation and hydrogen evolution
ACS Catal. 6,2016,  8255-8263
E. Ortel, A. Hertwig, D. Berger, P. Esposito, A.
M. Rossi, R. Kraehnert, V.D. Hodoroaba
New Approach on Quantification of Porosity of
Thin Films via Electron-Excited X-ray Spectra
Anal. Chem.  88 (14), 2016, 7083-7090
F. Kettemann, A. Birnbaum, S. Witte,
M.  Wuithschick, N. Pinna, R. Kraehnert, K. Rademann,  J. Polte
The missing piece of the mechanism of the
Turkevich method: The critical role of citrate protonation
Chem. Mater., 2016, 28 (11), pp 4072–4081
M. Görlin, P Chernev, S. Dresp, T. Reier,
Benjamin Paul, R. Kraehnert, H, Dau, P. Strasser
The catalytically active state and synergistic
effects in nanostructured Ni-Fe oxide catalyst
during electrochemical water splitting
J. Am. Chem. Soc. 138 (17), 2016, 5603-5614
T. Koketsu, B. Paul, C. Wu, R. Kraehnert, Y. Huang, P. Strasser
A Lithium-Tellurium rechargeable battery with exceptional cycling stability
Journal of Applied Electrochemistry. 46 (6), 2016, 627-633
M. Bernicke, B. Eckhardt, A. Lippitz, E. Ortel,
D. Bernsmeier, R. Schmack, R. Kraehnert
Synthesis and OER activity of NiO coatings with
micelle-templated mesopore structure
ChemistrySelect 3, 2016, 482 -489
R. Schmack, B. Eckhardt, G. Koch, E. Ortel, R. Kraehnert
ZnO coatings with controlled pore size,
crystallinity and electrical conductivity
accepted for publication in Materials Science
Materials Science (Medzigotyra, ISSN 1392-1320) 2016, Vol. 22, No. 1. p. 74-81
M. Bernicke, E. Ortel, T. Reier, A. Bergmann,
J.F. de Araujo,  P. Strasser, R. Kraehnert
Iridium oxide coatings with templated porosity as
highly active oxygen evolution catalyst:
influence of calcination, porosity and layer
thickness on performance and mass transport
CHEMSUSCHEM 8(11), 2015, 1908-1915
A. Kabelitz, A. Guilherme, M. Joester, U.
Reinholz, M. Radtke, R. Bienert, K. Schulz, R. Kraehnert, F. Emmerling
Time resolved in situ studies on the formation
mechanism of iron oxide nanoparticles using combined fast-XANES and SAXS
Cryst. Eng. Comm. 17, 2015, 8463-8470
A. Fetyan, I. Derr, M. K. Kayarkatte, J. Langner,
D. Bernsmeier, R. Kraehnert and C. Roth
Electrospun Carbon Nanofibers as Alternative
Electrode Materials for Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries
ChemElectroChem, accepted
R. Muydinov, A. Steigert, S. Schönau, F. Ruske,
R. Kraehnert, B. Eckhardt, I. Lauermann, B. Szyszka
Water assisted Nitrogen Mediated Crystallisation of ZnO films
Thin Solid Films 590, 2015, 177–183
A. Guiet, C. Göbel, K. Klingan, M. Lublow, T.
Reier, U. Vainio, R. Kraehnert, H. Schlaad, P.
Strasser, I. Zaharieva, H. Dau, M. Driess, J. Polte, A. Fischer
Hydrophobic Nanoreactor Templating – A
Supramolecular Approach to Yolk@Shell Materials
Adv. Funct. Mater. 25, 2015, 6228-6240
M. Wuitschick, A. Birnbaum, S. Witte, M. Sztucki,
U. Vainio, K. Rademann, F. Emmerling, R. Kraehnert, J. Polte
Turkevich in New Robes: Key Questions Answered
for the Most Common Gold Nanoparticle Synthesis
ACS Nano 9 (7), 2015, 7052-7071
S.J. Ahlers, R. Kraehnert, C. Kreyenschulte, M.
Pohl, D. Linke, E. V. Kondratenko
Propanol formation from CO2 and C2H4 with H2 over Au/TiO2: Effect of support and K doping
Catal. Today 258, 2, 2015, 684-690
J. Kettemann, M. Wuithschick, G. Caputo, R.
Kraehnert, N. Pinna, K. Rademann, J. Polte
Reliable Palladium Nanoparticle Syntheses in Aqueous Solution
CrystEngComm 17, 2015, 1865-1870

E. Ortel, J. Polte, D. Bernsmeier, B. Eckhardt, B. Paul, A.
Bergmann, P. Strasser, F. Emmerling, R. Kraehnert
Pd/TiO2 coatings with template-controlled
mesopore structure as highly active hydrogenation catalyst
App. Catal. A: General 493, 2015, 25–32
A. Sasinska, T. Singh, S. Wang, S. Mathur, R. Kraehnert
Enhanced photocatalytic performance in atomic layer deposition grown TiO2 thin films via hydrogen plasma treatment
J. Vac. Sci. Technol. A 33, 2015, 01A152
Ausfelder et al.
DECHEMA-Diskussionspapier: Elektrifizierung chemischer Prozesse
ISBN: 978-3-89746-168-0, www.dechema.de, DECHEMA, 2015 (no peer review)
D. Bernsmeier, J. Polte, T, Krahl, E. Kemnitz, R. Kraehnert
Antireflective coatings with adjustable refractive index and porosity synthesized by micelle-templated deposition of MgF2 sol particles
ACS App. Mat. & Interfaces, 2014, 6 (22), 19559–19565
R. Kraehnert, E. Ortel, B. Paul, B. Eckhardt, M. Kanis, R. Liu, A. Antoniou
Electrochemically dealloyed Platinum with
hierarchical pore structure  as highly active catalytic coating
Catal. Sci. Technol. 5 (1), 2015, 206-216
D. Bernsmeier, E. Ortel, J. Polte, B. Eckhardt, S. Nowag, R. Haag, R. Kraehnert
Versatile control over size and spacing of small mesopores in metal oxide films and catalytic coatings via templating with hyperbranched core-multishell polymers
J. Mater. Chem. A, 2014, 2, 13075-13082
T. Rahman, R. Liu, E. Ortel, R. Kraehnert, A. Antoniou
Mechanical behavior of mesoporous titania thin films
Appl. Phys. Lett. 104, 2014, 241902
T. Reier, D. Teschner, T. Lunkenbein, A. Bergmann, S. Selve, R. Kraehnert, R. Schloegl, P. Strasser
Electrocatalytic Oxygen Evolution on Iridium Oxide: Uncovering Catalyst-Substrate Interactions and Active Iridium Oxide Species
J. Electrochem. Soc 161 (9), 2014,  F1-F7
H. Vu, U. Bentrup, M. Hunger, R. Kraehnert, U. Armbruster, A. Martin
Direct synthesis of nanosized-ZSM-5/SBA-15 analog composites from preformed ZSM-5 precursors for improved catalytic performance as cracking catalyst
J. Mater. Sci., 2014
V. Novak, E. Ortel, B. Winter, B. Butz, B. Paul,  P. Kocí , M. Marek , E. Spiecker, R. Kraehnert
Virtual prototyping and optimization of catalyst pore-systems by a combined synthetic, analytical and computational approach
Chem. Eng. J. 248, 2014, 49–62
T. Reier, I. Weidinger, P. Hildebrandt, R. Kraehnert, P. Strasser
Electrocatalytic Oxygen Evolution Reaction on Iridium Oxide Model Film Catalysts: Influence of Oxide Type and Catalyst Substrate Interactions
ECS Trans. 58(2), 2013, 39–5
M. Wuithschick, B. Paul, R. Bienert, A. Sarfraz, U. Vainio, M. Sztucki, R. Kraehnert, P. Strasser, K. Rademann, F. Emmerling, J. Polte
Size Controlled Synthesis of Colloidal Silver Nanoparticles Based on Mechanistic Understanding
Chem. Mater. 25 (23), 2013, 4679–4689
B. Eckhardt, E. Ortel, D. Bernsmeier, J. Polte, P. Strasser, U. Vainio, F. Emmerling, R. Kraehnert
A general strategy for the synthesis of micelle-templated mesoporous metal carbonates and metal oxides
Chem. Mater. 25 (14), 2013, 2749–2758
N. Menzel, E. Ortel, K. Mette, R. Kraehnert*, P. Strasser
Dimensionally Stable Ru/Ir/TiO2-Anodes with Tailored Mesoporosity for Efficient Electrochemical Chlorine Evolution
ACS Catal. 3(6), 2013, 1324–1333
E. Ortel, S. Sokolov, C. Zielke, I. Lauermann, S. Selve, K. Weh, B. Paul, J. Polte, R. Kraehnert
Supported mesoporous and hierarchical porous Pd/TiO2 catalytic coatings with controlled particle size and pore structure
Chem. Mater. 24 (20),2012,  3828–3838

L. Chuenchom, R. Kraehnert, B. Smarsly
Soft-templating  of porous carbon materials (review)
Soft Matter 8, 2012, 10801-10812
J. Polte, X. Tuaev, M. Wuithschick, A. Fischer, A. F. Thunemann, K. Rademann, R. Kraehnert, F. Emmerling
Formation Mechanism of Colloidal Silver Nanoparticles: Analogies and Differences to the Growth of Gold Nanoparticles
ACS Nano  6 (7), 2012, 5791–5802
B. Eckhardt, E. Ortel, J. Polte, D. Bernsmeier, O. Görke, P. Strasser, R. Kraehnert
Micelle-templated Mesoporous Films of Magnesium Carbonate and Magnesium Oxide,
Advanced Materials 24 (23), 2012, 3115–3119
T. Peppel, B. Paul, R. Kraehnert, D. Enke, B. Lücke, S. Wohlrab
Shape preserving transformation of monolithic porous glass into MFI-type zeolite
Microporous and Mesoporous Materials 158, 2012, 180186
N. Menzel, E. Ortel, R. Kraehnert, P. Strasser
Electrocatalysis using porous nanostructured materials (review)
ChemPhysChem 13, 2012, 13851394
E. Ortel, A. Fischer, L. Chuenchom, J. Polte, F. Emmerling, B.M. Smarsly, R. Kraehnert
New triblock copolymer templates PEO-PB-PEO for the synthesis of Titania films with controlled mesopore size, wall thickness and bimodal porosity
small 8 (2), 2012, 298309
E. Ortel, T. Reier, P. Strasser and R. Kraehnert
Mesoporous IrO2 films templated by PEO-PB-PEO block-copolymers: Self-assembly, crystallization behavior and electro-catalytic performance
Chem. Mater., 2011
G. Kofod, S. Risse, H. Stoyanov, D.N. McCarthy, S. Sokolov, R. Kraehnert
Correction to "Broad-spectrum enhancement of polymer composite dielectric constant at ultra-low doping caused by silica-supported copper nanoparticles"
ACS NANO 5 (3), 2011, 1623-1629
G. Kofod, S. Risse, H. Stoyanov, D.N. McCarthy, S. Sokolov, R. Kraehnert
Broad-spectrum enhancement of polymer composite dielectric constant at ultra-low doping caused by silica-supported copper nanoparticles
ACS NANO 5 (3), 2011, 1623-1629
S.  Sokolov, B. Paul, E. Ortel, A. Fischer and R. Kraehnert
Template-assisted electrostatic spray deposition as new route to meso-, macro- and hierarchically porous oxide films
Langmuir 27 (5), 2011, 1972–1977
J. Polte, A.F. Thünemann, R. Erler, F. Emmerling, R. Kraehnert
SAXS in combination with a free liquid jet for improved time-resolved in-situ studies of the nucleation and growth of nanoparticles
Chem. Commun., 46 (48), 2010, 9209 - 9211
J. Polte, M. Herder, R. Erler, S. Rolf, A. Fischer, C. Würth, A.F. Thünemann, R. Kraehnert, F. Emmerling
Mechanistic Insights into Seeded Growth Processes of Gold Nanoparticles
Nanoscale 2, 2010, 2463–2469
J. Polte, R. Kraehnert, M. Radtke, U. Reinholz, H. Riesemeier, A. F. Thünemann, F. Emmerling
New insights of the nucleation and growth process of gold nanoparticles via in situ coupling of SAXS and XANES
Journal of Physics: Conference Series, vol. 247, 2010, 012051
J. Polte, R. Erler, A. F. Thünemann, S. Sokolov, T. T. Ahner, K. Rademann, F. Emmerling, R. Kraehnert
Nucleation and Growth of Gold Nanoparticles Studied via in situ Small Angle X-ray Scattering at Millisecond Time Resolution
ACS Nano, 4 (2), 2010, pp 1076–1082
J. Polte, T.T. Ahner, F. Delißen, S. Sokolov, F. Emmerling, A.F. Thünemann, R. Kraehnert
Mechanism of gold nano particle formation in the classical citrate synthesis method derived from coupled in-situ XANES and SAXS evaluation
J. Am. Chem. Soc. 132, 2010, 1296–1301
E. Kockrick, F. Schmidt, K. Gedrich, M. Rose, T.A. George, T. Freudenberg, R. Kraehnert, R. Skomski, D. J. Sellmyer, and S. Kaskel
Mesoporous ferromagnetic MPt-Silica/Carbon (M=Fe, Co, Ni) composites as advanced bifunctional catalysts
Chem. Mater., 22 (5), 2010, pp 1624–1632
E. Ortel, S. Sokolov and R. Kraehnert
Influence of steel substrate roughness on morphology and mesostructure of TiO2 porous layers produced by template-assisted dip coating
Microporous and Mesoporous Materials 127, 2010, 17–24
S. Sokolov, E. Ortel, J. Radnik and R. Kraehnert
Influence of steel composition and pretreatment conditions on morphology and microstructure of TiO2 mesoporous layers produced by dip coating on steel substrates
Thin Solid Films 518, 2009, 27–35
S. Sokolov, E. Ortel, R. Kraehnert
Mesoporous titania films with adjustable pore size coated on stainless steel substrates
Materials Research Bulletin 44, 2009, 2222 –2227
A. Henschel, K. Gedrich, R. Kraehnert, S. Kaskel
Catalytic properties of MIL-101
Chem.Commun., 2008, 4192 - 4194
P. Beato, R. Kraehnert, S. Engelschalt, T. Frank, R. Schlögl
A Micro-Structured Quartz Reactor for Kinetic and in situ Spectroscopic Studies in Heterogeneous Catalysis
Chemical Engineering Journal, Volume 135, Supplement 1, 2008, 247-253
R. Kraehnert, M. Baerns
Kinetics of ammonia oxidation over Pt foil studied in a micro-structured quartz-reactor
Chemical Engineering Journal 137, 2008, 361–375
R. Kraehnert and M. Baerns
Morphology changes of Pt-foil catalyst induced by temperature-controlled ammonia oxidation near atmospheric pressure
Applied Catalysis A: General, Volume 327 (1), 2007, 73-81
R. Imbihl, A. Scheibe, Y. Zeng, and S. Günther, R. Kraehnert, V.A. Kondratenko, M. Baerns, W.K. Offermans, A.P.J. Jansen, and R.A. van Santen
Catalytic ammonia oxidation on platinum: mechanism and catalysts restructuring at high and low pressure
Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 2007, 9, 3522 - 3540
T. Cukic, R. Kraehnert, M. Holena, D. Herein, D. Linke, U. Dingerdissen
The influence of preparation variables on the performance of Pd/Al2O3 catalyst in the hydrogenation of 1,3-butadiene:  building a basis for reproducible catalyst synthesis
Applied Catalysis A: General 323, 2007, 25-37
E. V. Kondratenko, O. Ovsitser, J. Radnik, M. Schneider, R. Kraehnert and U. Dingerdissen
Influence of reaction conditions on composition and selective and non-selective reaction pathways of the ODP reaction with O2 and N2O over V2O3, VO2 and V2O5
Applied Catalysis A: General 319, 2007, 98–110
E.V. Kondratenko, R. Kraehnert, J. Radnik, M. Baerns, J. Perez-Ramirez
Distinct activity and time-on-stream behavior of pure Pt and Rh metals and Pt-Rh alloys in the high-temperature N2O decomposition
Applied Catalysis A: General 298, 2006, 73-79
N. Dropka, K. Jähnisch, E.V. Kondratenko, V.A. Kondratenko, R. Kraehnert, N. Steinfeldt, D. Wolf, M. Baerns
Innovative reactors for determining kinetics of highly exothermic heterogeneous catalytic reactions
International Journal of Chemical Reactor Engineering 3, 2005, A51
R. Kraehnert, P. Beato, T. Frank, G. Weinberg, R. Schlögl, M. Baerns
Ein neuartiger mikro-strukturierter Quarzreaktor für kinetische und in-situ spektroskopische Untersuchungen
Chemie Ingenieur Technik 77(8), 2005, 975 (short communication)
M. Baerns, R. Imbihl, V.A. Kondratenko, R. Kraehnert, W.K. Offermans, R.A. van Santen, A. Scheibe
Bridging pressure and material gap in the catalytic ammonia oxidation: Structural and catalytic properties of different platinum catalysts
Journal of Catalysis 232, 2005, 226–238

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