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Books and Book Chapters
A. Hagemeyer, P. Strasser, A. Volpe,
High-Throughput Screening in Chemical Catalysis – Technologies, Strategies and Applications,
Wiley-VCH, New York, 2004
Book Chapters
Sören Dresp and Peter Strasser,
Electro-catalysts for oxygen electrodes in seawater electrolyzers (OER) and reversible electrolyzers (OER/ORR),
in Metal Oxide-Based Nanostructured Electrocatalysts for Fuel Cells, Electrolyzers, and Metal-Air Batteries,
Teko W. Napporn and Yaovi Holade,
in Metal Oxide Series Edited by Ghenadii Korotcenkov,
ISBN 9780128184967, 2020, in press

Wen Ju; Alexander Bagger; Nathaniel Leonard; Xingli Wang; Jan Rossmeisl; and Peter Strasser,
Nanostructures for CO2 reduction: from theoretical insight to material design in:
Carbon Dioxide Electrochemistry: Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Catalysis,

Marc Robert, Cyrille Costentin, Kim Daasbjerg,
Chap. 4
Royal Society of Chemistry, London, July 2020, ISBN:  978-1-78801-546-2

P. Strasser,
Fuel Cells in:
Chemical Energy Storage,
Robert Schloegl,
De Gruyter, Berlin, 2012, ISBN: 978 3 11 026407 4
X. Tuaev and P. Strasser,
Small angle X-ray scattering (SAXS) in:
Polymer electrolyte membrane and direct methanol fuel cell technology (PEMFCs and DMFCs),
Ch. Hartnig, Ch. Roth,
Volume II, Part 1, chapter 4, Woodhead publishing, 2012,
ISBN: 978 1 84569 774 7
P. Strasser,
Dealloyed Pt alloy electrocatalysts for the Oxygen Reduction Reaction in:
Handbook of Fuel Cells: Advances in Electrocatalysis, Materials, Diagnostics, Durability, 
W. Vielstich, H. A. Gasteiger, H. Yokokawa,
Volume 5&6, John Wiley, Chichester, 2009, S. 30-47
P. Strasser, H. Ogasawara,
Surface Electrochemistry in: Chemical Bonding at Surfaces and Interfaces
A. Nilsson, L. G. M. Petterson, J. Norskov,
Kapitel 11, Elsevier Science, 2008, S. 196f
P. Strasser, Q. Fan, M. Devenney, W. H. Weinberg,
Combinatorial and High Throughput Screening of New Fuel Cell Electrocatalysts in:
High Throughput Screening in Chemical Catalysis - Technologies, Strategies and Applications,

A. Hagemeyer et al.,
Wiley-VCH, New York, 2004, S. 271f

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