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The Electrochemical Energy, Catalysis and Materials Engineering Group

Wider commercialization and use of clean and efficient energy conversion technologies are limited in large parts by the lack of suitable functional performance materials. 

  • Affordable hydrogen fuel cells require novel low Pt active and stable membranes.
  • Advanced Lithium ion batteries will not be possible without new efficient and safe Li storage electrode materials.
  • Photoelectrocatalytic hydrogen production devices demand photoefficient low band-gap semiconductors with efficient gas evolution catalyst coatings.
  • And efficient dark electrolysis cells for storage and conversion of exsess grid electricity require efficient and stable oxygen evolution electrocatalysts.

Our research is focused on the Materials Science and Catalysis of nanostructured materials for clean energy storage and conversion technologies such as hydrogen fuel cells, high energy density batteries, (photo)electrochemical conversion of solar energy/electricity into fuels and chemicals. Our research contributes to our fundamental understanding of these technologies and their devices and will help lay the foundations to make future clean energy technologies a reality. As such, we contribute to a wider introduction of electromobility and excess electricity storage and conversion, two of today`s key technology thrust.







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